Revengeday - Redux LP

  • Hello human.

    After more than 3 years of hard work I'm back with a new album. Explore influences from different sci-fi classics like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Terminator, Matrix and modern sci-fi games like PREY, Cyberpunk 2077, SOMA, _observer.

    Will you obey the system?

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  • „Breathtaking O_o“

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  • „Cyberpunk'ish!“

    Anton Yuriev - Artist

  • „I will obey!“

    Krysia K. - FocusFM Poland


    @JoMendacium - Twitter

  • „This goes under the skin right into my brain!“

    Matylda Jasińska - Deejane

  • Behind the Redux Album

    REDUX acts in a dystopian world where everyone does not know what reality and what fiction is. People are controlled and navigated by a system that makes every decision. Will you obey the system? I don't think you want to find out your reality...

  • Recording Facts

    REDUX was produced in surround sound in over 120 audio channels. Mastering from the famous Kovalyova Studios in St. Petersburg with the help of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic.

    Produced by: Revengeday, IO Conflict, RX90, EMPRY0 and Apexes.

Revengeday - Redux LP Revengeday - Redux LP


Show the world that you obey the system.

  • Redux LP


    Show the system that you love it.

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    Almost as good as digital.

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