2021-04-17 | Skinwatch [ID] - Soundtrack for Cyberpunk RED PnP

Hey human,

I did something crazy, I met up with people from the internet in a digital room and we played Cyberpunk RED Pen and Paper together - to cut a long story short, it's fun.

It would have been more fun if we had some background music, luckily there is someone who knows a bit about music and just made a little song that somehow fits the pen and paper setting.

This may sound selfish now, but that person is me.

I tried to create a song that sounds like dirty alleys, heavy guys and girls and a lot of industry. And it actually fits the setting quite well.

But since one song is not enough, I will make a few more songs that fit the Cyberpunk RED Pen and Paper. I plan to offer all the songs I create for it for free, so everyone can use them for their sessions.

Currently I plan to make the songs dynamic, meaning that they loop seamlessly without big transitions. I will also create some ambient and drones which you can run in the background.

If you have ideas in which direction the songs can go, write it to me. Or help me to create a cool soundtrack.

You can listen to the first song here

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