2022-02-03 | NFT, no thanks...

Hello dear friends,

today I am talking about a serious topic.

If you ever see a NFT of my music somewhere, this will be 100% not from me, never.

As some of you may have heard, in the last days the NFT marketplace HitPiece has massively stolen music and coverartworks from some artists and also from me and offered them for auction as NFT.

My current music label under which I am signed, as well as the labels with which I used to be based, will file a lawsuit against HitPiece and their creators. The lawsuit is for every song and every stolen cover art. HitPiece has violated European copyright law on a massive scale.

I don't mind if you buy NFTs.

Personally I am not a fan of NFTs and I think NFTs are not good for art. They destroy the art in my opinion. If someone wants something unique, physical things are best. Even though my music is very much about digitalization, I think that pushing everything into the blockchain is the wrong way to go.

So, if you ever see a NFT of my music somewhere. It will never be from me. You are buying a stolen piece of art in this case. Like a Mona Lisa poster you can buy in the supermarket - it's not worth anything.

If you want to support me, I will be happy if you buy my music or subscribe me monthly. But I'm also not angry with you if you get my music for example via free bandcamp codes or via warez sites.

I know that a lot of fans of my music have found me through warez sites, and I think that's good. Art should be accessible to everyone, all the time. You can lose yourself in art... NFTs are not art for me, they are a way to celebrate capitalism.

If you listen to my music, you can be sure that I made it because I want to bring you into other worlds, not to make money with it.

Thank you for your time, we'll hear from you soon!