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2021-07-19 | Forbidden Disc #1

Hello human,

oh' no, you have found a forbidden disc of the first version. You'd better leave quickly, because this disc is forbidden. Please don't download it and use it as a sampler for this music program called Ableton. You won't have any fun with it, honestly.

It will destroy your ears, your brain and your nerves. You don't need this sampler.

I didn't find much about this forbidden disk in the system, except that this artist called "Revengeday" must have made some recordings with a strange device and then put these audio files into a sampler. We don't know what happened to the artist after that.

You shouldn't see this entry either, what are you doing here? You are supposed to obey the system. Leave this page immediately or we will shut down your cortex implant.

Ok. I want to go! I am sorry dear system, I will obey from now on!


Forbidden Disc #1 Download for Ableton Live

Full of viruses!

    .'  _     _  '.
   /   (_)   (_)   \
  |  ,           ,  |
  |  \`.       .`/  |
   \  '.`'""'"`.'  /
    '.  `'---'`  .'

Promise! Don't download it!